24-Hour Luxury Hotel Stay Voucher | How It Works | icanstay.com

24-Hour Luxury Hotel Stay Voucher | How It Works | icanstay.com

Sanjeev Sachdev

1 month
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We all want to get away just once in a while – away from our hectic work schedule. Away to some place peaceful and comfortable where you can forget about your troubles and recharge your batteries. I’m sure you do too.

A unique concept launched for the first time, anywhere in the world offering a "One India One Price" for staying in a Luxury Hotel any time of the year. This pricing is independent of seasonal jumps in hotel prices. So its a 24-hour Luxury Stay at Rs. 2,999/- (Incl. GST) anywhere in the country with our partner hotels.

Icanstay.com guarantees your stay in a luxury hotel. Not a Budget hotel. Not a 3 Star Hotel. Only a branded luxury hotel. Enjoy the comfort of luxury rooms, swimming pools, gyms, classy restaurants and bars, just like the rich and the famous! 

Visit : www.icanstay.com to grab your Voucher today.

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